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Reinventing a Business

Having always had a strong creative streak and a desire to express myself, quitting the daily grind and starting my own business seemed like the natural thing to do. Three years ago I took that leap of faith and launched Photoglide.  Specialising in high quality photography and video, I was soon able to build a successful business with a steady and regular clientele of both private and corporate customers. However, with the rapid increase in competition and advances in digital technology, it soon became apparent that the market for the premium service I was offering was fast becoming redundant. If I was going to continue to make a success of my business I realised I would have to have a serious rethink very soon.

Nine months ago we went through a period of reflection and consolidation where I asked myself what was the real purpose of the business, its values and ultimately what were its goals. Having established the need for a change in direction, I was keen to introduce my technical engineering experience and combine this with the foundations which had already been laid by Photoglide. I also realised that I was not alone with my dilemma as there were many other businesses going through the same experience that I was. Therefore it seemed a logical progression to share my experiences with others travelling the same journey, offering them valuable support/advice and practical 'hands on' solutions.
Taking a step back and having a period of reflection did me the world of good. Searching deep, I began to understand what my true business and personal goals actually were. Technical engineering was my background and something I knew I could easily deliver and turn into a profitable business. However I also realised I had a strong desire to help others along the rocky road that I had already traveled.
Sensing a gap in the market, I wanted to provide a 'no nonsense' service for start-up and existing businesses alike. Offering business advice and mentoring based on personal experience, I thought it was also important to be able to provide practical 'hands on' support for those that needed it - a holistic and all round approach. I wanted to offer the kind of service and support that I would have died for when my business was at it's crossroad, but to my knowledge didn't exist.
So where to begin? The first step was to rebrand the company, as the name Photoglide clearly suggested 'photography', which as I had now realised the business had to be so much more than just that. I was keen that the new name truly reflected what we were offering and symbolised what we did. A name which allowed us to re-invent and re-invigorate ourselves under a new banner. I also wanted something unique which could easily be recalled. Taking the 'glide' from Photoglide and the 'ology' from technology, Glideology was born!
Step 2, with the many facets that Glideology offers, I was aware that I wouldn't be able to do everything myself, that would be sheer madness! I needed to prioritise focusing on the strategy of the business and the bigger picture rather than getting bogged down with the day to day tasks. Spreading myself too thinly would be detrimental and having come this far I didn't want to fall at the last hurdle. So I took steps to recruit a young and vibrant team, each member specialising in a different field and each having the capability to work alone or as part of a bigger team. Having the right team was in my mind essential if the business was to run smoothly and profitably with or without me. As business quickly grew, so did the team, and I am proud to say we are now a robust team of ten highly motivated and talented individuals!
Finally, I sought premises in a more central and accessible location. In March we moved into our new offices at Masefield House on the Wells Road in Malvern. Positioned prominently on one of the town's main roads, it seemed the perfect place to showcase the 'new' business. With the direction clearly defined and everything now in place, I am delighted to say that the business is blossoming. A far cry from where we were this time last year, I know that we wouldn't have survived had we not made the significant and concentrated changes we did and at the right time.


Gavin Allen

Gavin is highly motivated professional with over 23 years' experience in software, electronics, mechanics and control systems. Creative and technically minded, he possess a true passion for engineering and innovation. Knowing how challenging it is to build a successful business from scratch he has a 'no nonsense' approach and is always willing to provide practical, valuable and honest advice to anyone who needs it.